Welcome to TriSuccess Multisport Coaching LLC.

TriSuccess Multisport Coaching offers training plans designed to prepare athletes of all levels for whatever multisport endeavor they want to tackle. Be it a triathlon or duathlon of any distance, a marathon or other run, bike or swim event, we will ensure you are prepared for a successful experience!

TriSuccess Multisport Coaching believes in practicing the Art and Science of coaching. The coaches regularly attend coaching education and mentorship programs to stay current with the best methods and techniques used in the science of coaching, and then blend that knowledge with their experience in the art of coaching gained through their years of working with athletes of all abilities.  All our coaches are USA Triathlon certified - Kathleen and Caroline are both USAT Level 2 and Youth & Junior certified, and Shelby is USAT Level 1 certified.

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At TriSuccess we encourage good communication with your coach as we monitor your progress and use your feedback to develop the best training plan for you. We stress the importance of an athlete's overall well-being to help you avoid injuries and over-training. We also emphasize a positive training style and the importance of good sportsmanship. Surround yourself with winners and you will be a winner!

It can be a daunting task to figure out how to swim, bike and run and still have a career, spend time with your family and friends and keep your life in balance. We know because we have done it. We understand the complexities of training while raising a family and balancing the obligations of a demanding career. With strong motivation, good planning and an ability to keep it all in perspective it can be accomplished. It is a lot easier to do with the support of a good coach, someone who can keep the big picture in sharp focus and put the many details in perspective.

At TriSuccess we coach because we enjoy helping others achieve their goals. We enjoy sharing the knowledge we have gained over many years of training, racing and coaching with those who are just getting started in multisports, and with those who are ready to reach for the next level of performance - be it in distance or speed.

Ensure your success with TriSuccess!

Congratulations Lynn Moore Kona qualified! Read more about it here.