TriSuccess Multisport Coaching Plans & Services

Training Plans

TriSuccess offers customized individual training plans for athletes of all levels of experience and for events of all distances, from sprint to Ironman or 5k to marathon. All new training plan programs begin with a new client consultation prior to your training plan being designed.

New Client Consultations Include

  • Personal meeting or phone interview
  • Review of New Client Profile form provided by TriSuccess
  • Review of athletic and medical history
  • Review of race results and identification of performance limiters
  • Identifying short term and long term goals
  • Identifying training preferences and parameters to suit your lifestyle
  • Advice on race selection and goal setting
  • Set up of personal on-line Training Peaks Premium workout calendar and training log

Individualized Training Plans Include

  • Personalized training plan designed to fit your schedule
  • Personalized Annual Training Plan design
  • Workouts delivered via personal Training Peaks Premium workout calendar and training log with download capability for your heart rate, GPS and power device files
  • Develop training zones for heart rate and power when applicable
  • Weekly training plan updates
  • Weekly or daily review of training log updates including heat rate, GPS and power files
  • Additional training plan adjustments when needed to accommodate schedule changes
  • Detailed workout descriptions that may include heart rate zones, power zones and target paces in addition to specifics of time, distance, perceived exertion and course type
  • Unlimited athlete initiated communication with coach via email or phone
  • Advice on race strategy, nutrition strategy and equipment selection for your events
  • Mental toughness and course specific racing tips
  • Analysis of all race results
  • Bonus perks - TriSuccess athletes also receive priority access and special pricing to TriSuccess training camps and clinics, discounts with TriSuccess Multisport Coaching sponsors, discounts on team uniforms, and other opportunities for group training and social events.

One-on-One coaching

TriSuccess offers technique training in swimming, cycling, running and multisport transitions. You can work with a coach in a one-on-one session or put together a small group of friends to train together. All sessions are customized to meet your specific needs. We also consult on annual training plan design for self coached athletes.

  • Swimming - We offer on deck poolside instruction for stroke technique that includes teaching drills to help improve your form. We can teach you how to do interval swimming to improve your speed or prepare you to join a Master's swim team. We also offer in water open water swimming sessions to help you gain confidence outside of the pool and learn how to deal with the challenges of open water swimming such as currents, tides, sighting and various water temperatures.
  • Cycling - We offer on bike instruction in bike handling skills, gear selection, pedaling technique, proper pacing and group riding skills. We also consult on equipment selection and do escorted training rides for junior athletes.
  • Running - We offer form analysis and instruction in drills to improve form and efficiency. We can also teach you how to do a track workout, a session of hill repeats or other specific run workout .
  • Transitions - We will teach you how to keep it simple and transition like a pro! We teach equipment set-up, flying mounts and dismounts mounting and dismounting your bike with your shoes clipped into the pedals, and more. Free speed!
  • Annual Training Plan Design & Season Reviews – We offer consultations on annual training plan designs for self coached athletes. If your race performances have stagnated but you cannot commit to a full service training program then you should consider a coaching consultation? A TriSuccess coach can analyze your past performances and advise on future focus areas for your training and race selection to help you improve and meet your goals.

Clinics, Camps or Speaking engagements

TriSuccess coaches are available for special events such as camps, clinics or presentations at a club or group function. Please contact Coach Kathleen for pricing and availability.

How to start a program

To set up an appointment to get started with a TriSuccess Multisport Coaching training plan or to schedule an individual training session please contact Coach Kathleen Johnston at or call 615-293-3119.


Initial New Client Consultation: $150

Individualized Training Plans:

Coach Kathleen Johnston

$215 for 4 week block
$615 for 12 week block (paid up front)
$1170 for 24 week block (paid up front)

Coach Caroline Butler

$175 for 4 week block
$495 for 12 week block (paid up front)
$930 for 24 week block (paid up front)

Coach Shelby Hartmann

$175 for 4 week block
$495 for 12 week block (paid up front)
$930 for 24 week block (paid up front)


One-on-One coaching

$60 per 1 hour session with 1 person
$70 per 1 hour session with 2 persons
$90 per 1 hour session with 3 persons
$100 per 1 hour session with 4 persons

Downloadable Forms

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Tri-Success New Client Profile Form

TriSuccess PARQ Form

TriSuccess Waiver

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